Pilot Energy Solutions participates in gas processing deploying specialized patented or patent-pending process technologies in high CO2 and unconventional gas streams

Pilot designs, builds, owns, and operates processing facilities for high CO2 or other natural gas streams which are not addressed by standard technologies. We are interested in third-party processing agreements, joint ventures, or licensing our technologies. Additionally, we are interested in equity participation in processing and other energy-related activities.

For more information, please contact us at info@pilotllc.com.

Recent News:

Monell, Wyoming:


Pilot Ceritas CO2, LLC, a joint venture between Pilot Energy Solutions LLC and Ceritas Energy II, LLC,  has begun operations of the Monell CO2Flex™ plant in Sweetwater County, WY.  The plant processes 145 MMCFD of CO2 recycle gas from Fleur de Lis’s Monell field (formerly owned by Anadarko). The plant removes 1400 bpd of heavier hydrocarbons, forming products that are sold into a y-grade system or blended into FDL’s existing crude production, adding roughly 20% to the liquid production of the field. The CO2 is returned to the EOR recycle, dehydrated and cooled.

Wellman, Texas:

Pilot’s Wellman CO2FlexTM began operations in March 2015, processing 50 MMCFD from the Trinity CO2 Investments, LLC EOR flood in outside of Wellman (Brownfield) Texas. At full capacity, the plant can recover 800 bpd of truckable BG mix and crude blend liquids.


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