Pilot Energy Solutions participates in gas processing deploying specialized patented or patent-pending process technologies in high CO2 and unconventional gas streams

Pilot designs, builds, owns, and operates processing facilities for high CO2 or other natural gas streams which are not addressed by standard technologies. We are interested in third-party processing agreements, joint ventures, or licensing our technologies. Additionally, we are interested in equity participation in processing and other energy-related activities.

For more information, please contact us at info@pilotllc.com.

Recent News:

Pilot’s CO2Flex Technology, New Plant

Pilot’s newest plant is part of a join venture with Cenovus Energy at the Cenovus Weyburn Facility in Southern Saskatchewan. The plant extracts heavy NGLs from their CO2 reinjection stream and further conditions them to blend with crude production or for sale in local LPG markets.

plant pic

CO2Flex plant produces additional 1000 bpd at Cenovus Weyburn facility

The Pilot Goldsmith Plant. producing high-quality LPG from the CO2 reinjection stream of Kinder Morgan’s San Andres Field.

Our Goldsmith, TX Plant Well Underway

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